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Log Cabins Kent & Sussex No 1 For Log Cabins

Why buy from Log Cabins Kent & Sussex?

We provide the highest quality and most stylish cabins at the best value for money available. We have cabins to suit everyone and every need - to look great, to work in, or to live in. High quality double glazed tilt-turn windows are standard on most cabins, and we use the best grades of timber fashioned by craftsmen into quality cabins for you to enjoy. We have 20 years experience importing timber, and 30 years UK experience in building ecological and timber homes, and we will be more than pleased to help you choose the right cabin for you.

Log Cabins Kent and Sussex the number one for Log Cabins in the South East of England

www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk are probably the largest and longest established suppliers in the South East of England for Interlocked Buildings, Interlocking Log Cabins, Sectional Buildings, Pressure treated Buildings, Insulated Garden Cabins, Residential Log Cabins, Summer Houses, Twin Skin Log Cabins, Bespoke Log Cabins, Home Offices, Clockhouse Log Cabins, Gazebos, Log Cabins made from Siberian Larch and Log Cabin Garages.
We have the commitment of a long standing team of craftsmen at our factory and Head Office which is situated in the Baltics, who enthusiastically immerse themselves into a precision minded attitude towards absolute perfection.If you are looking for a quality log cabin please go to our dealers list, or send us an email.
www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk endeavours to ensure a perfect finish to every building. This is because the most modern computerised equipment is used for meticulously accurate measurements that are set and subsequently cut by top grade cutting machinery.

When it comes to processing and building Log Cabins for either the domestic or the commercial sector, it is interesting to note that there is virtually zero waste compared with buildings of brick and mortar. Wood, by nature, has excellent thermal qualities and the Log Cabins made from the finest well seasoned Pine logs contribute to excellent all year round comfort. There are many northern Europeans who have been living in such log cabins for many years in far greater extreme weather conditions than in the UK without fear of getting cold. Heat retention is significantly higher than bricks and mortar and therefore results in a much more economic way of living as well as reducing carbon emissions.
A Show Site near you.

www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk have show sites across Kent and Sussex. Most are situated at your local Garden Centre where you will be able to meet and chat to one of our well trained professional staff who are very adept at advising you about Garden Log Cabins, Residential Log Cabins, Garden Offices, Commercial Log Cabins, Gazebos, Commercial Log Cabins, Log Cabin Garages, Summer Houses and much more.
Accessibility could not be easier. The www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk show sites span right across the South East of England. You can pop in and browse to get a feel of the quality of products that we offer at;-
Ashford, Crowborough, Marden, Sedlescombe, Bexhill on sea, Findon Paddock Wood, Tenterden, Southfleet, Brenzett, Hailsham, Ramsgate, Sunbridge, Canterbury, Kingston, St. Leonards on Sea, Tenterden.
At each of these show sites you will be able to see representative Garden Log Cabins of different sizes and designs.

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Quality Timber
The best quality pine is known to come from the Baltics and areas of Russia where because of the extreme weather conditions, the trees that grow have an inbuilt resistance for survival. As such they provide us with a much better more dense timber. Siberian Pine and Siberian Larch, both lead the way for quality in the timber industry.

Care and Pride
Care for the future is also one of the priorities for www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk The forested pine wood is generally not forested until the trees are at least 70 years old, thus providing superb seasoned wood that is far less inclined to twist and split compared with young spruce that has not had the chance to settle. Forest replacement is of paramount importance and such manufacturing processes only come from certified controlled forests where sustainability is assured and certified. You can therefore also feel comfortable in the knowledge that when you purchase a Garden Log Cabin, Log Cabin Garage, Summer House, Log Cabin Office, Residential Log Cabin, Gazebo or Log Cabin Playroom. You know that the forest from where they originate will never deplete and sustainability is assured.
More info
At www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk we provide an unsurpassable knowledge of wood at manufacturing level and can therefore help you make your choice when turning your dream into reality.
The whole original stigma attached to wooden buildings is disappearing as better quality, longer lasting wood is being used to construct such buildings.
Besides being more economic, the sheer speed of construction proves to be a much more superior method when building both Garden and Residential Log Cabins as opposed to the traditional bricks and mortar equivalent.

Be it a modest Garden Cabin to a sizeable Summer House or Residential Log Cabin, you can be assured that the same level of care and expertise goes into
the design features and longevity of each and every cabin.
Have a browse through our Standard Range of Garden Log Cabins where you will be able to choose from a wide variety of sizes and designs.

Customised Log Cabins
If you are looking for a Garden Log Cabin or Summerhouse, or a Log Cabin for you to live in where the design or size of which is not available on our website then we will be happy to quote you for your own unique customised built Log Cabin. Initially, all you need to do is draw as accurately as you can the measurements. Send your drawing to us and we will chat with you further and finally arrive at quote for your requirements. No project is too small or too large for us to handle.
All of our Log cabins arrive at your site or home in kit form ready for laying out for erection. You will also have our support regarding any queries or problems relating to the contents of what you have received.
You can be assured that our quality control is very high on our agenda and our customer service goes hand in hand with such controls.
Try to anticipate your requirements and plan ahead. If you order early for a later delivery you will be able to organise your foundation work or landscaping well in advance of any delivery of our Standard range which is
becoming more and more popular.

A wide variety of Wall thickness
The range of wall thickness in most of the Garden log Cabins starts at 28mm and progresses to 34mm, 44mm and also 35mm twinskin.
Twinskin is another new concept distributed by www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk This innovative option is, in effect, a double interlocking wall, each made of 35mm interlocking logs that require a special cutting and joining mechanism at the corners. This process makes for extra durability, strength and rigidity which are particularly important for larger cabins. When used in Residential cabins, there is an immediate space for insulation, thus making an extremely comfortable and energy saving building.
Siberian Larch, being an extremely dense material with high tannin value is used in a number of our Log Cabins to clad the outside. It is virtually impenetrable even in its raw natural state. Untreated over time it will just begin to become more silvery in appearance with no signs of wood rot. This kind of construction is often combined with the internal structure using siberian pine for tongue and groove floorboards and ceilings.
If you are wanting to give your Log cabin that extra long term protection www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk recommend you use a micro-porous paint as soon as the log cabin has been erected. When the wood has been processed and ready to leave the factory it is at its best moisture level for greater stability having been kiln dried accordingly. If protected nice and early the moisture level is retained because the micro-porous paint works in a very special way to ensure a long lasting building for many years. The micro-porous paint allows the molecules of air to dissipate through the wood allowing it to breathe, but disallows the larger molecules of water to get through. This way you have the best of both worlds of a high quality timber that can breathe and retain its former glory because its moisture content is also stable as a result of the protective coating disallowing any more moisture to enter. Good quality micro-porous coatings generally give excellent protection for anything between 3-5 years. This also saves time and money in the long run, having to go through this annual chore with many brick buildings.

Value for money
It is so easy to compare various images for price on different websites. It’s not surprising, when looking on the outside of a Log Cabin that will look identical to another, you see a huge price differential. The rule of thumb is that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
Unfortunately in this particular industry, people can be easily misled by purely having a perception of quality which is only “Skin deep” If you look at the flooring of a cabin you will find it near on impossible to know the difference of it being 19mm or 28mm. www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk are very transparent about showing you the differences of availability and prices when it comes to the variations of wall thickness and we always use 28mm thick flooring in all of our log cabins whereas many of our competitors still use 19mm.
www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk offer truly quality products designed and built to give you many years of pleasure and satisfaction. On a like for like basis, we are confident that you will find us extremely competitive.

www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk are able to provide various options from our own factory at Bexhill on Sea.
We can add insulation to non insulated cabins be it flooring, walls or roof.
We supply and install Shingles, roof tiles or mineral felt to your Log Cabin.
We can build the foundation for you. We can also erect and install your Log Cabin for you.
A Show site near you.
Accessibility could not be easier. The www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk show sites span right across the South east of England. You can pop in and browse to get a feel of the quality of products that we offer at;-
Ashford, Crowborough, Marden, Sedlescombe,
Bexhill on sea, Findon, Paddock Wood, Tenterden, Southfleet,
Brenzett, Hailsham, Ramsgate, Sunbridge,
Canterbury, Kingston, St. Leonards on Sea, Tenterden. Essex, London, Devon, Cornwall, Scotland, Hull, Manchester, Cheshire ....www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk is part of the LogCabins.lv Group.

At each of these show sites you will be able to see representative cabins of different sizes and designs.

One of our Site Representatives will be at the ready to advise you and provide any information that you require to help you with your choice.

It’s quicker Online
At www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk, obtaining information and ordering online couldn’t be easier. You can talk to a real human being in the UK ! about log cabins everyday of the week. Just go to the Log Cabin expert for contact details.
We can even save you lots of time by short listing your requirements for you.
You can use your shopping cart online or, if you prefer, after discussing matters with one of our team, you can order over the telephone.
You can feel comfortable in the knowledge of receiving top quality experienced help, assistance and guidance throughout the process from the initial order to the completion of your much loved building.

Special Offers
Please visit us on a regular basis to take advantage of our Special Offers throughout the year for different types of garden cabins and log Cabin Garages and Summerhouses.
With new products and new technology, we move with the times and enthusiastically embrace new concepts and designs that you deserve to be aware of. At www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk you can be sure of receiving the latest innovations as they hit the UK market.
Such offers are genuine offers of quality products. No changes have been made. Nothing inferior is ever shown. What you see is what you get. Suffice to say, when an offer is on, the products move out very quickly so you do need to decide quickly before the stock in question disappears.
www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk have a team of experts standing by to give you the best quality Log Cabins coupled with a very personal service to meet your requirements.

What to look for
To help you make the right choice, when looking at Garden Log Cabins or Residential Log Cabins, take a nice close look at the ends of the logs that extend to the corners. Check how old those logs are by having a close look to see if the concentric rings that form the growth of the tree each year are close together. A young tree that has been fast grown may look OK along the length but the ends will show annual rings spaced further apart. Such trees that have been forested young could cause difficulties later on with twisting and warping and splitting.

If you see untreated Log Cabins that are in stock in a warehouse or, worse still, outside, having been exposed to the elements, you will be looking at timber that has probably already absorbed a lot of moisture and will again cause problems of twisting etc. later on that can affect windows and doors sticking or jamming or not opening or closing properly.
If they happen to be stock of interlocking logs, they may have already swelled to a point that they wont even interlock and you will find it near on impossible to build.

Check the thickness of the flooring and insist on nothing less than 28mm thick tongue and groove. By doing so you will be able to place heavier items without any springing, or worse still splitting of floorboards.

The most important factor is the foundation. If your foundation is not level or properly squared at the corners any slight deviation or difficulty in building the lower section of your Log Cabin will only become worse as you build higher.
Time spent in ensuring that you have a good solid level foundation will reap rewards later on.

Upon completion of your Garden Log Cabin or Residential Log Cabin, we recommend that you protect the building as soon as possible with the aforementioned micro porous paint.

Prior to receiving delivery of your Log Cabin kit, we will send you specific building plans so that you have advance information ready for assembly.

We offer a complete package for your Garden Log Cabin that includes
foundation work and complete assembly. With this service you can just relax and let us do the work for you. Please contact us for a quotation.

For 2013 we now have 8 categories of Garden and Residential Log Cabins to choose from.

Standard Log Cabin Range
Log Cabin DF Range
Log Cabin TF Range
Log Cabins Euro Range
Octagonal Range
The Clockhouse Log Cabins
Log Cabins Under 2.5M
Residential Log Cabins

Our Standard Range has been the mainstay of our distribution for quite a few years and we have extended that range to bring you some really exquisite designs of Garden Log Cabins, Summer Houses, Playrooms and Log Cabin Offices. All of these delightful Garden Cabins now span across a wide spectrum of sizes to suit most requirements.

From our Standard range of Garden Cabins and Garden Offices evolved our DF & TF range of cabins where you can feast your eyes on some superb designs that are already being well received in the UK.

Do check out our Euro range. A completely new concept in Garden Log Cabins, Summer Houses, and Garden Offices. Beautifully crafted Siberian Pine Garden Cabins that will bring your garden to a new level.

www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk present the spectacular Octagonal range where in manufacturing terms we have had an engineering breakthrough. Being octagonal means that the corners are not 90 degrees and new computerised equipment as well as specialist milling machinery was created to ensure that you have perfect watertight ends to every section. A very spacious atmosphere is experienced in one of our Octagonal Garden Cabins. This is a very futuristic trend in enhancing one’s Garden to a new dimension.

The Clockhouse range, last year, was so successful that we decided to extend the range of sizes. Take a look at the Aurora and the Aurora Maxi. Triangular windows at the Apexes and long front windows provide maximum natural light. The Clockhouse Log Cabins just have that sheer elegance that has made them so successful.

Our team at www.logcabinskentandsussex.co.uk has been quick to respond to more ideas and designs for Garden Log Cabins that conform to the necessary criteria that allow them to be exempt from planning permission. This fantastic range is now one of our most popular, having carefully manufactured them to below 2.5m high. Do please check with your local authority to be on the safe side and ask for information concerning requirements as to where you should and should not site your Log Cabin. Different Local and District authorities may have different regional rulings depending upon where in the UK you reside.

When it comes to residing, then look no further than our very practical and hugely economic range of Residential Log Cabins. Be they in Residential Park Homes or sited on a piece of your own land, you can be sure of enjoying a most peaceful, tranquil and, above all, comfortable existence all the year round. Compared to bricks and mortar, they are quicker to build, less wastage, more economic to run, better for the environment and aesthetically more pleasing to the eye. What more can one ask for?

Contact us on any aspect of guidance or information on Garden Log Cabins, Summer Houses, Gazebos, Garages, Commercial Buildings such as Log Cabin Reception areas, Log Cabin Tackle Shops, Log Cabin Libraries, Interlocked Log Cabin Classrooms, Pine Log Cabin Nursery Buildings and Log Cabin Dormitories, Siberian Pine Log Cabin Garden Offices, Sauna Buildings,
Log Cabin Playrooms, Octagonal Log Cabin Buildings and Log Cabin Residential Houses.